• Rest in Peace, Frank Sinatra Jr.

    My girlfriend of many years ago Liz Gomez and I saw Frank Sinatra live at the Ultimate Event tour in 1988 when they played the old Miami Arena (with Liza and Sammy Davis Jr., after Dino dropped out) Sinatra was spectacular , his performance drank in the years and was the richer for it. Conducting the orchestra that tour was Frank Sinatra Jr. Sinatra senior sang the show tune 'My Boy Bill' that night and you could tell, it was his way of giving his son some props, knowing it couldn't have been easy to carry that name. Sinatra Jr. did a marvelous job conducting that night, taming that big swinging band with so many longtime Sinatra players in it.

    If you know FS lore, you know it wasn't easy for Jr. to win over the members of his father's band. Guys who'd played for Quincy Jones, Count Basie and the like. For some reason my eyes were drawn to the band pit, and I was interested in this gentleman. In the 90s I saw him in an interview on Bob Costas old NBC show Later, and I was struck by what a melancholy sort of guy he seemed like. He can't have had it easy.

    I would have loved to have had a drink with him, I dug it when he played himself, in a cameo playing poker at the BadaBing club on The Sopranos. He must have been a guy who'd seen it all. I wish he'd have had more time on earth, he seemed like a decent, kind guy.

    My deepest sympathy to his family, and to his sisters Tina and Nancy, and rest in peace Frank Sinatra Jr.